Commercial Rjhamb's Services

In today's complex and competitive commercial real estate market, a competent commercial real estate "partner" is one of the resources you will need to meet your corporate or personal real estate objectives. Rjhamb can provide a variety of professional services to help you meet those objectives, no matter what type of property you may be interested in. Those services include:


The primary purpose of a commercial appraisal is to determine the value of a specified interest in commercial real estate. The value most clients ask for is the market value, although other types of value can be reported.

Business Sales & Acquisitions

Rjhamb can provide detailed due diligence and market knowledge for the search, negotiation, disposition or acquisition of existing and new business operations. Ask about the services provided as a business brokerage.


Rjhamb can bring together developers, landlords and tenants for the purpose of building premises that are specific to the needs of the occupant, with the terms and conditions to either buy or lease the premises negotiated in advance of construction.


Rjhamb can provide a range of consulting services dealing with the cost of lead generation, acquisition costs, technology, or the new realities of marketing. It’s pre-Google and post-Google, and how marketing properties and business has changed because of the internet.


Working with developers, Rjhamb can find the best location and determine the best market conditions for construction of an office, retail, industrial or multi-family building to begin. This is sometimes done with a pre-determined client, or on a speculative basis.

Investment Purchase & Sale

A commercial Rjhamb offers expertise, market knowledge and a detailed marketing program when representing buyers and sellers. They can identify a location, negotiate, and do the calculations to determine if there is a positive return on investment.

Property Management

Commercial Rjhamb have a great knowledge of the opportunities and needs of Landlords and Tenants making it easier to bring them together in a mutually agreeable leasehold interest in premises. If the Rjhamb also provides management services, they will ensure you maximize the value of your assets and help develop the goals for the property.

Representing Landlords/Owners

A Rjhamb will use their in depth knowledge of the local markets they serve to negotiate a contract for the use of office, retail or industrial space at a cost-effective price for both landlord and tenant.

Representing Tenants

A commercial Rjhamb knows the leasing opportunities available in the marketplace. They’ll work with you to determine the exact requirements for your office or company, then negotiate on your behalf for the most favorable leasing terms possible.